DixonBaxi on a roll(out)

DixonBaxi have created a new viewer experience for the Premier League that will be seen by over two billion football fans around the world. The London-based company has created show titles, in-match graphics, augmented reality, touch screen and studio graphics that are united by a “Field of Play” design language. The work debuted over the weekend as the new season kicked off. Check it out below:

Developed off the back of the work that DesignStudio did for the new identity, the “Field of Play” design concept is a graphic system providing consistency to the delivery of complex live data including league tables, charts, player profiles and in match information.

What I like about this is that the system is heavily influenced by the natural movement of the game from the short corner to the long throw in. The results are a beautiful, elegant and bold motion system that brings statistics to life and creates a broader visual language that adds depth to the brand.

DixonBaxi has captured the system in a detailed digital and printed guidelines. The hundreds of elements needed to bring the experience to life have been crafted and annotated as well as the motion theory and design approaches that rationalised. As the brand has now launched, the guidelines will evolve over time to add “depth, detail, insight and emotion”.

Premier League vs LaLiga

Remember the days of the Barclays Premier League? Where the league embraced their corporate sponsors as part of their brand? Well here's a reminder:

As the new season kicks off this weekend, we do away with the corporate sponsor and we now have a clean and crisp looking brand designed by London-based DesignStudio and Robin Brand Consultants. Check it out:

Noted is the lack of football as well as a corporate sponsor, but that crowned lion icon more than makes up for it. With a brand as well known (and as rich) as the Premier League, there is no longer a need to spell out to it’s audience what it is. And the rollout of the brand looks pretty tight too.

Which brings us to LaLiga’s new lockup…

Their logo features a football at the heart of an icon that looks like it came straight from a late 90’s photo development shop or a firm of printers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nicely executed but somehow it looks like two elements from a stock library have been bolted together along with THAT Santander logo. As far as logo’s go it’s like Frankenstein’s monster… too many bits and pieces flung together!

You can see from the above that Spain-based IS Creative Studio have put some work into this identity and actually have spent quite some time in tightening that icon up and refining it even down making the colours more vibrant. Unfortunately all that gets lost as it’s overshadowed by the sponsorship.

Granted there’s not much in the way of rollout for LaLiga but compared to the Premier League’s branding it looks decades behind! Let’s compare both brands to other football leagues from around the world:

Of the eight leagues shown above, I would suggest the Premier League and the recent rebrand of the MLS are the pick of the bunch.

If this were a match, I would say it’s 1-0 to the Premier League!

Stranger Things opening titles

Things get stranger

Have you seen ‘Stranger Things’ yet? If not, I would highly recommend it. As well as brilliant character development and a killer score, the opening titles by Imaginary Forces will satisfy every 1980s yearning in you. Check it out below:

A disjointed version of The Stranger Things title starts the sequence which typographically sets the tone for the show. It takes a lot of it’s inspiration from old 80s John Carpenter movies with a hint of Stephen King miniseries such as ‘IT’ along with an eerie synth soundtrack.

Although the show is only 8 episodes it more than makes up for this with a compelling storyline which hooks you in. Thankfully Netflix has just confirmed a second season so we’ll get to relive those 80’s vibes again very soon! But just in case you’re missing your fix, why not check out DJ Yoda’s Stranger Things mixtape on SoundCloud.

Subway rebrand

Which way's Subway?

Today saw the launch of the rebrand for Subway. One word to describe this... urgh! What little personality the old logo had has disappeared with the italicised font. With the geometric wordmark, the arrows, which have been a core part of the brand since its launch in 1965, now seem bolted on to the new logo. When the wordmark was italicised the arrows looked a lot more organic with the curve feeling part of the wordmark. The sharp right-angle on that 'y' is way too forced and the way it breaks out of its visual area imbalances the whole wordmark.

The new icon for social media channels for me works a lot better with it’s clever use of the two arrows forming the ‘S’ in the negative space.

The new logo is featured in a series of new adverts for the ‘Appetite for Better’ campaign. The ads are uplifting and the logo kind of works off that sunset background (apart from that awful ‘y’). We’ll have to wait and see how the brand gets applied when its fully launched in 2017 but right now, I’m not sold on it!

Stranger art

Netflix's new sci-fi adventure series Stranger Things is the latest word-of-mouth sensation to hit our screens. The production's hit all the right 80s-retro notes. From the spot-on title sequence complete with a John Carpenter-style theme tune and typography straight out of a Stephen King novel, through to a pitch-perfect poster by Kyle Lambert (see it below), and naturally it's inspired artists and designers to create their own Stranger Things art. Check them out below:

The official Stranger Things poster by Kyle Lambert

Continuing the retro theme, Martin Gendre made this poster advertising the Atari 2600 video game version of Stranger Things that would have definitely happened if the series came out in the 1980s.

Brazilian illustrator Gabriel Soares C. Viana turns his attention on the show’s four young protagonists and gives them a pixel art makeover that hits all the right notes.

Poster Posse have come up with three Stranger Things posters already, and this one, by Thomas Walker AKA TommyPocket Design, is by far and away our favourite.

Vic Matos illustrations really capture each character’s personality; particularly Dustin. Everyone loves Dustin, right?

Matt Needle turns his eye on a small but important prop – the D20 die used in the gang’s game of Dungeons and Dragons – and then gives it a bit of a sinister twist.

Lucas Mello uses minimalist design to capture each of the five kids in a few vectors.

J Caleb uses bright colours and a limited palette to emphasise the difference between Stranger Things’ two worlds.

Matt Ferguson’s poster also illustrates the two worlds of Stranger Things: the real world and the Upside-Down.

We’d tell you more about what’s going on in Comingsoon’s poster, but it’s a total spoiler. Look away!

This brilliant GIF from Francesca De Vivo imagine what Stranger Things would look like as a 90s-style adventure game. Pretty cool, we reckon.

Pes Honda campaign with long-exposure stop motion

Pes does it again with new epic campaign for Honda trucks

We have become used to seeing charming films from Pes. His previous campaign film for Honda was epic, but mainly in terms of its craft, telling the brand’s story through thousands of original drawings. Here he has gone large, creating a film that uses “long-exposure stop motion”, which combines animation and live action to achieve a “more artfully composed version of traditional time-lapse”.

The Honda trucks campaign was filmed on a huge film stage with a crew of over 100 people. Impressive stuff.