Netflix's new sci-fi adventure series Stranger Things is the latest word-of-mouth sensation to hit our screens. The production's hit all the right 80s-retro notes. From the spot-on title sequence complete with a John Carpenter-style theme tune and typography straight out of a Stephen King novel, through to a pitch-perfect poster by Kyle Lambert (see it below), and naturally it's inspired artists and designers to create their own Stranger Things art. Check them out below:

The official Stranger Things poster by Kyle Lambert

Continuing the retro theme, Martin Gendre made this poster advertising the Atari 2600 video game version of Stranger Things that would have definitely happened if the series came out in the 1980s.

Brazilian illustrator Gabriel Soares C. Viana turns his attention on the show’s four young protagonists and gives them a pixel art makeover that hits all the right notes.

Poster Posse have come up with three Stranger Things posters already, and this one, by Thomas Walker AKA TommyPocket Design, is by far and away our favourite.

Vic Matos illustrations really capture each character’s personality; particularly Dustin. Everyone loves Dustin, right?

Matt Needle turns his eye on a small but important prop – the D20 die used in the gang’s game of Dungeons and Dragons – and then gives it a bit of a sinister twist.

Lucas Mello uses minimalist design to capture each of the five kids in a few vectors.

J Caleb uses bright colours and a limited palette to emphasise the difference between Stranger Things’ two worlds.

Matt Ferguson’s poster also illustrates the two worlds of Stranger Things: the real world and the Upside-Down.

We’d tell you more about what’s going on in Comingsoon’s poster, but it’s a total spoiler. Look away!

This brilliant GIF from Francesca De Vivo imagine what Stranger Things would look like as a 90s-style adventure game. Pretty cool, we reckon.