It’s once again time to celebrate the birth of DWH. Six years after being founded, we continue to grow and cultivate a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service backed by creative innovation. All this adds up to strong brands, amazing results, and loads of happy clients.

It’s once again time to celebrate the birth of DWH. Six years after being founded, we continue to grow and cultivate a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service backed by creative innovation. All this adds up to strong brands, amazing results, and loads of happy clients.

Last year, we took a look back at the history of DWH and the people behind the scenes responsible for our success. Rather than rewriting the same article in different words, I’ll just point you in the direction of 2021’s birthday post, as the history of the business remains the same – and our incredible team members always deserve a shout-out.

This year, I’d like to focus on some of the highlights of the last 12 months, and how they’ve helped us to grow.

Expanding our service offering

With things starting to settle down after COVID-19, we were able to take the opportunity to expand our services, allowing us to deliver better value and an integrated approach to our clients’ branding and marketing needs.

This started with the expansion of our video and motion graphics services to include 2D animation and video editing. Animation has become a fast-growing essential for brands looking to succeed online, and offering this for our clients means that they can benefit from everything this exciting medium has to offer.

More recently, we’ve begun to roll out PPC as part of our expanded marketing service. We’ve helped both new and existing customers to find success in the SERPs and attract more customers, and we’re excited to get stuck into more campaigns.

Seeing lots of lovely faces

I’m going to mention the C-word again. Sorry. Coronavirus had the DWH team confined to home working, Zoom meetings and virtual coffee catch-ups while we tried to deliver a business-as-usual service. Over the last 12 months, it’s been great to get together in person again, as well as returning to face-to-face meetings and business pitches at our Coventry office.

Of course, as a young, modern business, we’ve continued to embrace flexible working, allowing the DWH team to work however best suits them. With some members working remotely and some clocking in at the office, we’re all happy, healthy and in an environment that allows us to thrive and do the best work we can for our clients.

Working on exciting brand roll-outs

One of the most exciting things we worked on this year was a major new branding project for a Warwick-based architectural firm specialising in tensile fabric structures.

As well as designing a visual identity, we developed a complete brand strategy piece that incorporated messaging and brand proposition statements. This useful tool will help the client to ensure consistency across all touchpoints while focusing on the unique proposition of the brand and how it benefits their customers.

The brand rollout allowed us to show the depths of our small yet mighty creative agency, gathering together specialists from the DWH team to deliver amazing results that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

Another exciting branding project was creating an exciting new identity for DWH, designed to better align with the DWH of 2021 and beyond. No matter how much you love your branding, there comes a time when it needs a spit and polish to make sure it represents who you are today. What better way to demonstrate the benefits to our clients than by doing it ourselves?

Winning a few more awards

We were also excited to add a few more awards to our growing collection:

It’s always amazing to be considered for an award – and even better to win them! Receiving industry accolades is a great reminder that the hard work we do at DWH pays off, and it helps to keep us motivated to do our very best for our clients.

The soppy bit

On behalf of Dave and the entire DWH team, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 6 years. After all, it’s the people around us who help us to grow and deliver new and exciting things year after year.

Whether we pitched to you and weren’t successful, helped you to launch an exciting new brand, or relied on you to support the daily operations of Casa DWH, you’ve helped us to learn, to grow, and to become better at what we do. Here’s to many more exciting things in the future!

And if you’d like your next project to be part of DWH’s ongoing history, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re quick, maybe you can snag some birthday cake!