Ad World Masters’ Agency of the Year

Over the year, Ad World Masters ranked over 11,900 agencies across 205 countries, highlighting the very best of what the industry has to offer.

A total of over 160 data points per agency are processed by an AI algorithm on an ongoing basis throughout the year. This is then used to calculate an Agency Score, which is used to determine who gets an award. The score is based on a mix of crowdsourced, raw and verified data, with criteria such as Awards, Reviews, SEO, Social, Web and more.

Of course, Ad World Masters are very secretive about exactly what goes into calculating the score to prevent manipulation. Their recommendation on how to increase your Agency Score is simply to “do great work for yourself and your clients.”

One of the unique things about Ad World Masters’ ranking system is that it’s designed to show the potential of an agency when compared to their competition. This means the result isn’t biased by factors such as size, or other criteria that may not directly reflect the output of the team.

The Elite Agencies

The Agency of the Year title is only given to Elite Agencies scoring 8.5 or higher in their rankings.
The award is split into three categories:

  • Gold: Agency Scores ≥ 9.2
  • Silver: Agency Scores ≥ 8.7
  • Bronze: Agency Scores ≥ 8.5

Of the agencies ranked in 2021, less than 10% received a title. A total of 94 Gold, 607 Silver and 463 Bronze titles were awarded.
So… what did we scoop up?

The gold standard for agencies

You’ve guessed it! With a score of 9.2, we were delighted to hear that DWH was one of less than 100 agencies worldwide to be gilded for the second year in a row!

Just 0.79% of the agencies ranked were given Gold, and only 15 agencies in the UK received this level of award, so we’re absolutely thrilled with this result!

With over 160 parameters being scored as often as up to every 12 hours, this award is testament to the consistent hard work the DWH team puts into every project.

Want to work with an award-winning agency?

If your brand needs the touch of an Elite Agency, it’s been proven by complicated AI algorithms that DWH is one of the very best you could choose.

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