The evolution of an agency

In 2016, DWH was Dave. In 2017, we were calling ourselves a boutique agency. Now, DWH is a fully fledged creative design agency with an impressive portfolio of projects covering branding, graphic design, digital marketing strategy, social media, web design and print. Our evolution from a one-man band to a compact yet flexible digital marketing agency hasn’t been completely linear, which is pretty par for the course. Dave never meant to start an agency, but he did.

Five years on, it’s doing pretty well.

The amazing DWH team

Having a great team of talented and dedicated people is one of the most valuable things a creative agency can have. Here at DWH, we’re fortunate to have just that.

The unexpected arrival

In 2020, we welcomed a new addition to the team: Coronavirus!

Like just about every other business on the planet, when Rona reared its ugly head, we all thought: “shiiit.” There were plenty of tough times, with the lads out on furlough, PE with Joe Wicks, approximately a million Zoom calls, and dog parenting in lockdown, but we made it out the other side. We learned a lot during lockdown, not least of which was the importance of our client relationships, and how amazing the DWH team really is.

Climate positivity

One of the things we’re most proud of is partnering with Ecologi to become a Climate Positive Workforce.

Known as Offset Earth back when we signed up, the scheme has helped us to do something great for the planet by planting trees to offset our carbon footprint and support projects around the world.

After just under 2 years, we’re currently proud sponsors of 1,576 trees, which has allowed us to offset 60.02 tonnes of CO2e. That’s the equivalent of 46 long haul flights!