Here is our round up of the news stories and industry articles that caught our eye during April 2024.

Heinz’s goal is to produce an advertisement in five days by moving “at the speed of culture.”

Since introducing its global platform “It has to be Heinz,” the food company has been able to quickly adapt to local trends and produce its most recent advertisement.

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Heinz Last Drop

Catfluencers square off in Sheba’s latest promo

Eight of the most well-known cats on the internet are competing to be the fastest gravy licker in a competition called The Gravy Race. Even if one in four pet owners have set up a social media profile for their animal companions, regrettably, not all of them will be able to rise to the esteemed position of “petfluencer.”

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Catfluencers square off in Sheba's latest promo

“You can’t cheat the fundamentals”: The rationale behind Prime’s demotion to bargain bin

The energy drink brand Prime Hydration, which was founded by Logan Paul and KSI on YouTube, used to have followers lining up at dawn to buy it, but these days it can be found at discount stores.

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Morrisons will offer rewards to customers who purchase specific brands more regularly

Morrison’s claims that the customised, AI-powered initiative, which it is testing, will benefit both consumers and brands by rewarding customers for buying certain brands they choose from a list.

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Good Greens’ branding celebrates the rich history of cannabis culture

The last few years have seen shops in this area start to think much more carefully about how they present themselves, with design-led companies like Superette enjoying an almost cult-like appeal as cannabis regulations continue to loosen around the world.

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Good Greens

Netflix subscribers grow

According to Netflix, the company will no longer disclose subscription figures and will instead use engagement as a major predictor of user happiness and the company’s long-term viability.

During Q1, the streaming platform added 9.33 million new subscribers, 7.5 million more than at the same period last year. Additionally, 65% more people signed up for its ad-funded membership during this quarter than it did the previous one. With this, the total number of its subscribers falls just short of 270 million.

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A solitary tree becomes a work of beauty

The latest project by the Swiss artist Klaus Littmann, Arena For a Tree, urges viewers to consider sustainability and natural themes while also issuing a strong warning about climate change. It is housed in a wooden rib structure that resembles a basket.

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A solitary tree becomes a work of beauty

A recent ad explains why munching Cheetos is the biggest risk at work

According to data by the brand, 99% of individuals eat Cheetos with their dominant hand. Fans of the infamously messy snack frequently have to use their other hand to go about their daily lives to prevent chaos caused by “Cheetle” dust.

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Cheetos OOH Caligraphers

UK ad spending reaches £36.6 billion in 2023 despite a decline in actual terms.

The Advertising Association (AA) and WARC have released new data showing that the UK advertising market expanded by 6% to reach £36.6 billion in 2023.

The most recent AA and WARC Expenditure Report, however, indicates that the real terms amount reflects a 1.2% decline in spend when high inflation is taken into account. This places advertising expenditures behind the 0.1% growth in the UK economy as a whole.

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Candy themed controllers

Game Stop use pick n mix inspired designs for game controllers.

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