MarTech Awards 2023

Now in their second year, the Innovation in Business MarTech Awards were created to showcase expertise and innovation in digital marketing.

This modern, fast-paced industry is constantly being reshaped by exciting developments in technology, and only those who move with the times are able to provide the services that their clients need to grow and thrive. By highlighting the dedication and commitment of the individuals and companies who go above and beyond, MarTech hopes to improve and inspire the digital marketing landscape for clients and businesses alike.

What is MarTech?

MarTech is one of those fun portmanteau names that have been all the rage since Bennifer and Brangelina hit the tabloids back in the early 2000s.

Short for marketing technology, it refers to the technology that marketers use for … marketing. Naturally. Integrating the right tools into an innovative, goals-driven marketing campaign is the secret behind creating success in the digital space, and that’s exactly what Innovation in Business Magazine aims to reward with its MarTech awards.

MarTech Awards 2023

For the second year in a row, DWH picked up the award for Digital Brand Development Agency – Midlands. So that’s two out of two – which, as Meatloaf said, is pretty darn good. Or something.

And it’s a pretty perfect award to have won (again) because developing brands is our bread and butter here at DWH. We love everything about creating a personality for our clients, helping them to uncover their unique story, and turning it all into a recognisable brand identity that customers can engage with.

We’ve worked with brands in a wide variety of industries, tackling both brand refresh projects and complete brand identity creation for startups. Once the branding is right, our team of digital marketing enthusiasts gets to work on developing a suitable digital marketing strategy to grow the business and help it to achieve its goals.

Want DWH to develop your brand?

You don’t need to be based in the Midlands to take advantage of our award-winning expertise in brand development – we’ve got that part covered! Thanks to the wonders of MarTech and remote working solutions, we can support brands all over the world.

If you fancy having a chat with us (preferably about branding, marketing or design, but we’re happy to discuss the footie results, too), get in touch online. We’re always excited to get stuck into a new project, and yours could be the next one to benefit from our award-winning expertise.