Here is our round up of the news stories and industry articles that caught our eye during March 2023.

ITV warns of declining ad revenue

ITV projects an 11% fall in first-quarter advertising revenue compared to last year, describing the first half of 2023 as “difficult” in terms of advertising revenue. The commercial broadcaster anticipates a 10-15% decline in overall ad income by April.

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Shadow culture secretary condemns government’s “complacency” with creative industries

While outlining Labour’s strategies for promoting growth throughout the creative industries, Lucy Powell, the shadow culture minister, claimed that the conservative government’s laziness over the past ten years has disadvantaged the creative sector.

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Public transport comes to the rescue

The Stockholm public transportation system, SL, has collaborated with the Swedish advertising firm Familjen Sthlm on a campaign that highlights the drawbacks of driving versus taking public transportation.

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Female marketing leaders on ’embracing equity’ beyond International Women’s Day

In the week leading up to International Women’s Day, female executives from the CX50 list, which Marketing Week created in collaboration with Zone and Cognizant Digital Experience, provide advice to both themselves and the rest of the industry.

The topic of International Women’s Day in 2023 was the necessity to “embrace equity” (IWD). Because women “start from different places,” ensuring equal chances alone is insufficient to establish true fairness. The IWD website states that “equitable action” is necessary for true inclusion.

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Shakespeare’s Globe unveils its new season typeface

Shakespeare’s Globe has unveiled the typeface for its upcoming season, which features digitally improved copies of the woodcuts from Shakespeare’s First Folio.

The design, which was created in association with the studio Typeland, also honours the First Folio, the most recognised compilation of Shakespeare’s works that was published seven years after the bard’s passing, on its 400th anniversary. Some of his most well-known plays, including The Tempest, Comedy of Errors, and Macbeth, might not have survived without it.

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Cleancult’s new branding heroes the refillable

In order to be transferred into pourable, pumpable, and sprayable bottles that may be used for cleaning and subsequently refilled, all of Cleancult’s products are packaged in cartons more commonly used for milk or juice.

Robot Food was tasked with creating branding that would dispel any ambiguity surrounding this and make the refilling and reusing process obvious from the start. The Leeds-based company produced a number of central pack icons that highlight the “refillable glass companion” of each product.

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Marketing strategy is the most undervalued skill

The top three skills that marketers believe organisations undervalue are marketing strategy, brand management, and data analysis, according to Marketing Week’s 2023 Career and Pay Study.

According to Marketing Week’s 2023 Career and Pay Study, organisations place the least priority on marketing strategy.

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Aston Villa FC rebrands to reach next-generation football fans

With more to come later this year, Aston Villa FC has already given fans a sneak preview of its new brand identity by Dragon Rouge with a revamped crest.

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Cancer Research on why it’s ‘very useful’ to have older marketers in the team

According to Philip Almond, executive head of fundraising and marketing at Cancer Research UK, effective marketers must be able to comprehend and respond to the varied experiences of older consumers.

About three-quarters (74.6%) of the 3000 marketers who participated in this year’s Marketing Week Career and Salary Study were between the ages of 26 and 45, making marketing a disproportionately young profession.

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Government and Arts Council England allocate £58.8 million to cultural venues

70 museums, public libraries, and other cultural institutions outside of London will get £58.8 million from the government’s Cultural Development Fund, according to the announcement.

The fund was established in 2019 and has three distinct streams: the Cultural Development Fund, the Libraries Improvement Fund, and the Museum Estate and Development Fund. It has a total budget of more than £200 million.

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