Immersive experiences

As so much of our lives takes place online, particularly since COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions came into play, audiences are craving new and exciting experiences. With the continued development and affordability of virtual and augmented reality, more and more brands are looking to deliver unique and immersive experiences.

Even if fully realised VR environments are out of your budget or technical capabilities, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the race. From adding 3D modelled or video walkthroughs of venues to your website to incorporating sound in your branding, there are plenty of ways to deliver experiential marketing that creates a memorable impression.

Digital marketing trends for 2023

Ethical advertising

The expectation for organisations to make a positive impact on the world is high. In particular, millennials are known to care deeply about corporate social responsibility, and their perception of a brand’s ethics and authenticity is an important part of their purchasing decisions. As the largest generation in the UK, taking the beliefs and desires of millennials into account is absolutely essential for businesses to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

Creating a more eco-friendly website, improving sustainability within your supply chain or partnering with charitable organisations are just some of the ways to make an ethical statement. Of course, it’s also important that you genuinely stand by these commitments; truly investing in the ethics and sustainability of your brand is a great investment for its ongoing success.

Inclusivity & accessibility

Making sure that your marketing materials are inclusive and accessible is a no-brainer in 2023. Helping more people to recognise themselves and their real-life experiences in your content is a great way to build a meaningful connection that could develop into brand loyalty. It’s also a clear statement about how much you value your customers as real human people and not just a monetary metric.

One of the most important aspects of inclusivity is sincerity. Representation for representation’s sake can quickly be seen through, and this approach may result in a negative effect on your public image. Remember as well to focus on the accessibility of your website and social media. Colour-blind-friendly designs, a choice of font sizes, and descriptive alt text are just a few of the ways to improve the user experience for more people.

Digital marketing trends for 2023

Bite-sized videos

Video storytelling is an extremely effective medium that will always have an important place in digital marketing. However, with short-form video platforms like TikTok continuing to grow, it’s become more important than ever to capture the fleeting attention span of your audience with a snappy, shareable snippet. Even internet video veteran YoutTube has embraced the trend for bite-sized videos, with YouTube Shorts racking up over 30 billion views every day.

One of the keys to success in this format is agility. Ensuring that your digital marketing teams have the skills and resources to react quickly to developing trends will make it easier for you to capitalise on key moments of exposure to make a connection with your audience. Remember that it’s also important to flex those creative muscles and work to develop something unique and inspiring that nobody else is doing. Get it right, and you just might invent the next hot new TikTok trend.

Digital marketing trends for 2023

Budget-friendly content

Just in case you’re not already tired of the phrase ‘cost of living crisis’, here’s another reminder. Budgets are being stretched more thinly than ever, and many brands are having to embrace cost-saving marketing strategies wherever possible. From publishing videos shot and edited on a phone to sharing user-generated content, there are lots of ways to create marketing materials that are both budget friendly and effective.

As well as saving money, many of these low-cost methods are also fairly low effort, giving your marketing team more time and resources to focus on other things. Sharing realistic content that is relatable can also help to create a more meaningful relationship with your customers. This is particularly useful to build trust on social media, where followers are used to seeing overly edited videos, picture-perfect photos and glamorous visions of lifestyles nobody really leads.

Digital marketing trends for 2023

Your 2023 digital marketing strategy

Whatever you’re working on this year, DWH would love to help you with the planning, implementation and reporting of your 2023 digital marketing strategy. We’ll get to know your brand and its audience before advising you on which trends might be suitable to help you achieve your goals for 2023. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to talk through your ideas.