We recently took a look at the importance of animation in branding, and one of the benefits we highlighted was the ability of motion to tell a story at a glance. It’s quicker to absorb a message through animation than to read even a short sentence. While animation is a great option for brand storytelling, it isn’t always the right call to get your message across. In this article, we’re going to look at a few different types of video content you could be harnessing for your brand, and how they can help you to share your story. Let’s get into it. Lights, camera, action!

We recently took a look at the importance of animation in branding, and one of the benefits we highlighted was the ability of motion to tell a story at a glance. It’s quicker to absorb a message through animation than to read even a short sentence. While animation is a great option for brand storytelling, it isn’t always the right call to get your message across. In this article, we’re going to look at a few different types of video content you could be harnessing for your brand, and how they can help you to share your story. Let’s get into it.Lights, camera, action!

Full-production video

The biggest, fanciest and most expensive option for video marketing is a full-production shoot. This presents an amazing opportunity to create a world and tell a story with imagination as your only limit.

However, this large-scale operation requires a big budget, long lead times and a sizeable cast of characters that could include everything from storyboarders and scriptwriters to costume designers and lighting riggers. It’s ideal for big brands and national campaigns, but shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

Even if you do have the money, brand clout and production team to take on a complex video project, it’s important to make sure there’s enough of a reason behind your video to warrant it. A customer testimonial might seem a little OTT and insincere if it’s filmed like a major motion picture, but it may be more suitable for the launch of an exciting new line of products.

Video interviews

The classic interview format is so popular because it provides a sense of personal insight and believability that more scripted content can lack. It also gives the audience a chance to have their questions answered, showing that you care about their needs and are proactively working to put their minds at ease.

From talking to the owner about the story behind the business to learning about your products and services from real customers, there are lots of ways to present a story through a question-and-answer video.

One of the great benefits of video interviews is that they are more engaging to the viewer than written interviews, helping you to get more eyes on your story. They are also quick, easy and cheap to make, and don’t lose much from a lower production quality; in fact, your audience may find simple, candid videos more trustworthy than a full-scale shoot.

Drone footage

Gone are the days when drones were a complex military device that James Bond might employ on an MI5 mission. With the advancements in technology, basic drones are so lightweight and affordable that they’ve become as commonplace under the tree on Christmas Day as a Furby. Of course, there are also high-tech drones packed with cinema-ready camera kit that can help your brand to capture stunning aerial shots that would make Peter Jackson jealous.

With all video marketing, as well as making sure you’ve got the right equipment for the job, you need a great concept. Drone footage is ideal for showing off spaces, offering breathtaking overhead views of country estates that visitors would never be able to see, or creating walk-through guided tours of indoor and outdoor wedding venues.

You don’t need to purchase your own drone and figure out how to fly it, either. In fact, there are various drone laws regulating their use for both fun and commercial use, including the requirement for a drone operator ID and licence, so it’s best to leave this to the professionals. There are lots of companies out there offering drone photography with skilled pilots able to capture all the amazing shots you need to tell your story.

Smartphone video

Social media continues to dominate the attention of internet users, giving brands access to an active, responsive audience. Us Brits are big fans, with 58 million active users, making this a great point of focus for marketing brands in the UK.

Video content offers great engagement stats, and delivers an irresistible hit of dopamine for those who view, like and share. Short-form videos like those found on TikTok and Instagram are a great option to grab attention, build a rapport and tell a story in just a few moments. For video designed to be viewed on a smartphone, it makes sense to use the same piece of tech to film it.

As well as creating video in the right format and dimensions for sharing on mobile devices, this also gives marketers access to video tech round the clock, allowing them to capture moments as and when they occur. This is perfect for behind-the-scenes videos, before-and-after comparisons, or providing a human element to your brand’s operations and helping to create a relationship with your customers.

Ready to embrace video marketing?

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As a full-service marketing agency, we can help you to not only plan an effective marketing video, but also to produce and promote it. However complex or straightforward your ideas, we’d love to help you turn them into fully realised videos to engage with your audience and tell your brand story.