Modern minimalism

There will always be a place for minimalism in graphic design, but this year we’re seeing a couple of new and exciting variations on this classic style.

Vibrant minimalism

At its core, minimalist graphic design embraces the essential elements and gives them room to breathe for greater impact. From basic shapes and symbols to limited colour palettes and minimal typography, it’s all about removing the clutter and embracing a less-is-more approach.

In 2023, we’re going to see an exciting mix of minimalist graphic design in bright, vibrant colours, offering a cheeky nod to the Bauhaus movement. Whether combining minimal copy and graphical elements with a single neon colour or a busy palette of clashing tones, this is a great way to create a minimalist design that’s able to catch the eye and evoke a strong sense of brand identity.

Brandless minimalism

What we’re looking at here is a stripped-back, monochrome, almost brandless form of design that deliberately eschews the flashy, decadent graphics we’re used to seeing from big companies. One of the driving forces behind this style is a form of anonymity; a sense of the brand being small, neutral and reliable.

As consumers continue to place more and more importance on brand values, ethics and environmental practices, abandoning the hedonistic idolatry of The Brand is a smart choice for companies looking to demonstrate (or give the impression) that they are a trustworthy choice.


Retro styles are popular because they allow designers to open up an exciting new (old) world of design that younger audiences haven’t experienced, or to offer cosy nostalgia and a sense of trustworthiness to older generations. In 2022, we looked at the shift from ’80s nostalgia to ’90s nostalgia, and now we’re stepping into the noughties.

The Y2K aesthetic is a tacky blend of tech and bling that embraces 3D shapes, bright colours and holographic-like gradients, creating a bubbly vibe of wide-eyed optimism that feels pretty refreshing against the doom and gloom of the 2020s. With millennials comprising around a quarter of the UK population (and having lived through more than their fair share of unprecedented historical events), it makes sense to invoke nostalgia for the simpler times to appeal to this hefty portion of the nation’s buying power.

AI design

I think we can all admit to getting a little excited about the weird and wonderful world of AI art lately. With tools like Craiyon (Formerly DALL-E Mini), Dall-E 2 and Midjourney making the artistic powers of artificial intelligence accessible to the masses, the possibilities of this incredible technology have really started to come into focus.

While using AI for graphic design won’t become a staple across the board in 2023, we’ll certainly see larger brands leveraging this technology more and more. On the smaller end of the scale, AI offers a great jumping-off point for the ideation process, with the tools becoming more capable and accessible as the technology continues to evolve throughout the coming months and years.

Please enjoy the following images that I created using Craiyon.

3D simplicity

Another trend we’ll be seeing more of is a simplified approach to 3D design. In contrast to the OTT vibes of Y2K and the photorealistic possibilities of AI, this style is all about paring things down to their most simplified forms while still ensuring ease of readability. Comprising flat colours and basic shapes like spheres, cylinders and cubes, the focus is on form and fun rather than complex realism, which lends itself well to digital animation .

Avoiding textures, complex details and unnecessary flourishes lends an air of naive simplicity that brings to mind the comforting world of children’s toys and our first forays into comprehending the world around us. Anyone in a creative field can attest that constraints can actually boost the imagination rather than hinder it, forcing a consideration of solutions that don’t fit inside the standard boxes, so these simplified 3D forms can be a great opportunity to let creativity run wild.

Your 2023 graphic design strategy

If you’re looking to nail your graphic design strategy in 2023, speak to the experts at DWH and we’ll be happy to help. Whether you’re looking to emulate a popular trend, revamp your existing brand aesthetic or develop a unique style all your own, our graphic designers are ready to collaborate with you.