Here is our round up of the news stories and industry articles that caught our eye during September 2022.

Digital most in-demand skill

According to new statistics from LinkedIn, marketers believe that knowledge of digital marketing is the skill that employers are most looking for.

Globally, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and experience in digital marketing are the top three skills listed by marketers on their LinkedIn accounts. Fourth on the list is marketing strategy, followed by understanding of Adobe Photoshop, email marketing, and content.

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Five research methods that are on shaky ground

Each research firm has a methodology it wishes to market, however the following five should be thrown out by marketers.

In the course of doing what I do for a job, I occasionally find myself being asked to work with a research method that I had assumed had long since died of shame. Of course, I express my ifs and buts, but I usually back down in the sake of team peace or because a research firm has already been hired that only operates in a particular manner.

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Can grocery delivery apps compete with traditional supermarkets amid the cost of living crisis

Over the past ten years, convenience culture has drastically changed practically every area of daily life for consumers. For many of us, it’s difficult to recall a time before we relied on Uber to get us from point A to point, binge-watched a new TV show on one of the many streaming services available, or had supper brought to our door by Deliveroo. Could our weekly food shop be poised to undergo a similar change if the rash of “on-demand” grocery delivery applications that have appeared over the last couple of years is any indication?

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Ads paused, plans on hold: How the industry is paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the industry is pausing plans and suspending advertising in tribute to the UK’s longest-serving monarch.

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The Energy Show exhibition explores the design possibilities of new solar technologies

The exhibition explores how solar energy has evolved over the past century and how it can help us transition to a post-fossil fuel future in the twenty-first.

The Het Nieuwe Institut in Rotterdam has launched The Energy Show, which explores what the world might be like if it was powered entirely by solar energy.

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John Lewis says new brand promise is ‘fundamental’

According to Sharon White, chair of the John Lewis Partnership, there has been a “positive response” to John Lewis’s ‘For all life’s moments’ marketing promise, which was introduced last week.

She added that the positioning, which took the place of John Lewis’s long-standing “Never knowingly undersold” statement, is “only the beginning.” She emphasised that the prior posture, which includes a lot more, is “very different” from the previous tagline, which was a “price promise.”

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What does the mini-budget mean for marketers?

Today, the UK’s largest package of tax cuts in 50 years was presented by Kwasi Kwarteng, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, along with some significant reforms and tax breaks for businesses.

Speaking to Parliament this morning (September 23), Kwarteng said that there are “too many impediments for enterprise” and that growth is now “not as great as it should be.” The administration has set an ambitious growth rate target of 2.5% in the medium term, promising “a new approach for a new era,” and asserting that this will result in sustainable funding for public services and raise living standards.

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New typographic identity for London Fire Brigade

The typeface honours the hand-painted letters found on vintage fire trucks, and this influences the organization’s wordmark.

Foundry Sans, the predecessor to LFB, was developed in 1990 by Freda Sack and David Quay, co-director and designer of The Foundry Types. A “headline typeface” with “special qualities personal to LFB” was required by the company more than 20 years later, according to Stuart de Rozario, co-director and designer of the foundry. At the end of 2021, Studio Sutherl& joined the 18-month project to assist with its progress.

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