Marketer CEOs beat finance CEOs on overall reputation, study finds

‘ CEOs with a marketing background have a better overall reputation than business leaders from nearly all other areas, including those with a background in finance, engineering and economics, according to new research.

Marketing CEOs have an overall reputation score of 8.32, according to the data from Brand Finance as part of its Top 100 Brand Guardians Index. This puts marketer CEOs ahead of those with a background in finance (8.21), engineering (8.19), computer science (7.89) and economics (7.80).’

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UK’s top marketers back stricter regulations to prevent ‘bad apples’ from ‘souring’ consumer trust

‘Just a quarter (26%) of the UK’s top 50 marketing leaders believe current regulations are fit for purpose, while half support further marketing restrictions on high fat, salt and sugar foods, according to research by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

The majority say they would back rules similar to those for cigarettes to restrict the marketing of potentially harmful goods and services. Since 2002, companies have been completely banned from promoting tobacco products to consumers across any media.’

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Channel 4 privatisation could damage the UK’s “entire creative sector”

This petition had 111k signatures when we posted this blog

A petition has launched to protect Channel 4’s creative network, following culture secretary Oliver Dowden’s announcement that the government is once again considering the channel’s privatisation.

Established in 1982, the television network is a public corporation of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), though it is mostly commercially self-funded.’

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BrewDog and other hard seltzer brands under fire for making ‘misleading’ health claims

‘ Hard seltzer brands BrewDog, DRTY and Whisp have all had adverts banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for making “misleading” and “irresponsible” health claims.

A raft of brands, including Heineken, Bud Light and Coca-Cola have recently launched hard seltzer products, which tend to be positioned as a healthier, more natural alternative to other ready-to-drink options.’

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Customer experience, trust, savings: 5 interesting stats to start your week

At the start of every week Marketing Week publish 5 interesting stats – it’s well worth a look every Monday. The stat that caught our eye in particular is that nearly half of marketers admit their customer experience is below par.

‘ Just under half (48%) of CMOs in the UK, France and Germany believe the customer experience their brand offers is not up to the standard consumers expect.

That’s despite 79% appreciating the value of delivering a solid customer experience, and 75% agreeing that customers expect a highly relevant, personalised and integrated messaging and experiences. ’

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Design is helping new age chewing gum stand out from its plastic predecessors

‘ For several centuries, the human species’ gum chewing habit was harmless. Gum of the past was made from chicle, a kind of sap collected from several species of Mesoamerican trees.

Today however, most gum is made with plastic and chemicals like polyethylene, which is found in plastic bags and bottles. Unsurprisingly, the microplastics that are broken down from modern chewing gum can have a significant impact on both chewers and the environment.’

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July 2021 News Roundup

Studio Output’s “provocative” identity for the Alfred Landecker Foundation

Studio Output has created the new branding for democracy action and research group the Alfred Landecker Foundation (ALF) which aims to “provoke action”.

The London-based design studio has created the new visual identity and website for the organisation, including a monogram logo and a series of pictograms.

Read the full article in Design Week.

Revealed: Marketing Week Masters 2021 Brand of the Year shortlist

Asos, Camelot, Channel 4, KFC and Tesco have been shortlisted for the Marketing Week Masters Brand of the Year award for 2021.

These five brands were chosen from a long list put together by the Marketing Week editorial team, which was assessed by our jury of senior marketers. Brands were selected based on performance, agility, marketing strategy and innovation over the past year.

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