Attempts to update the four Ps are embarrassing – they’ve endured for a reason

This is a great article in Marketing Week where Mark Ritson casts a sardonic eye over attempts to revise a core concept of marketing.

“Whenever a marketer sets out to improve, augment or adapt the four Ps, they reveal the absurdity of the exercise and reinforce why product, price, place and promotion remain the core concepts of the marketing mix.”

The full article can be found on the Marketing Week website.

Going at it alone: independent female designers share their tips – part one

“ As part of our IWD 2021 coverage, four women discuss their tips for working alone, from reinvesting in yourself, to being prepared for dry spells and staying motivated.

Charlotte Coulais, founder of En Ville design studio : ‘Working independently means you can do what you want. I am in charge of my time, which is great when I juggle many projects at once while trying to find the right time balance with my family life. I love the direct relationship I have with the clients which allow more collaboration and communication. However, it also means you I have to do everything. I would rather spend more time on the creative side, but I obviously have to think about admin and new business too.’ “

Read the full article on the Design Week website.

Changes to IR35 are approaching (again) – here’s what designers need to know

“Changes to the tax legislation for freelancers and employers will come into effect from 6 April 2021 so designers and design businesses will need to be ready.

Named after the press release that announced it back in 1999, IR35 was originally adopted to stem the growing number of “one-man” limited companies providing services to businesses as freelancers – thereby avoiding a considerable amount of tax – while still maintaining a traditional employee-employer relationship.”

Read the full article on the Design Week website.

Interior inspiration: Design Week’s picks

“With hope of a return to public life in our minds we wanted to share some real world interiors projects have caught our eye.”

Read the full article on the Design Week website.

The death of third-party cookies is inevitable, the death of effective digital advertising is not

“Google’s update on 3 March on third-party cookies didn’t come as a huge surprise to many, but it has sent shockwaves through the advertising community.

Google had already announced it was removing support for third-party cookies in Chrome as of 2022, but it has now confirmed it will not build or integrate other forms of identifiers to track individuals browsing the web.”

Find out more on the Marketing Week website.

Why CEOs want marketing superheroes

“ The question of what CEOs expect from those running their marketing departments may never have been more pressing. In a time of rapid – almost rabid – change, those expectations have been changing daily.

While the CEO is ultimately responsible for the happiness of company teams, the CMO has a big role to play, according to Wagamama CEO Emma Woods.”

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