Industry looks to address diversity and inclusion problem with major census

Marketing Week reported on an initiative by The Advertising Association, ISBA and IPA to assess the extent of the industry’s diversity and inclusion problem.

“The three major marketing and advertising trade bodies have joined forces to launch what they hope will be the most comprehensive census of diversity and inclusion in the industry.

The move is a first from The Inclusion Group, formed last year by the Advertising Association, ISBA and IPA, and will form the basis of actions the group will ask the industry to take to make advertising and marketing more diverse and inclusive.”

The full article can be found on the Marketing Week website.

Twitter updates its identity to match the “complexity” of conversations today

“We are excited to announce that entries are now open for the Design Week Awards 2021, which will bring winning work to our biggest ever audience.

With so much uncertainty around live, real world events this coming year, we have taken an early decision to again celebrate award winning work across Design Week and its online channels, rather than through a live event.”

Full details and links on the Design Week website.

As millennial investment apps boom designers are meeting the demand

Design Week discuss the design challenges in a developing sector.

“While challenger investment platforms are reaching a new generation, there are plenty of design obstacles in the developing sector.

To meet its growing popularity, Robinhood revealed a new visual identity last year – a brightly-hued illustrative approach across all of its products, designed by New York-based studio Collins in collaboration with Robinhood’s internal design team. “We approached the project as reframing a driving need faced by Robinhood’s millennial audience – one they often don’t recognise or grapple with – into an unignorable opportunity,” Collins head of strategy Taamrat Amaize says.”

Read the full article on the Design Week website.

Coca-Cola tests paper bottle but is it the answer?

An interesting story from Design Week about Coca-Cola trialling paper bottles as it strives to head towards a zero waste operation.

“Coca-Cola will soon be trialling a paper bottle for its drinks, as part of its plan in moving towards what it calls “zero waste”.

In 2020, Coca-Cola was ranked the world’s number one plastic polluter by charity group Break Free From Plastic. This meant it contributed more waste than the likes of Pepsi and Nestle.”

Design Week has more.

Moving interface aims to provide hygienic solution for supermarket touchscreens

Fascinating story about how a company has designed a screen with moving buttons which could allow up to 50 people to use the screen an hour without touching the same spot on the screen.

“London design studio Special Projects has created a moving interface concept which aims to make touchscreens more hygienic in the age of Covid.

The studio says it was inspired by the widespread use of touchscreens – at supermarket check-outs, for example – where up to 30 customers can touch a screen every hour, often pressing similar areas. Research showed that viruses can remain active on surfaces for up to 28 days.”

Read the full article on the Design Week website.