Thinking about making your new business idea reality? Check out our classic new business package.

Let’s face it 2020 has sucked. But with lockdown easing and the end of the Government’s furlough scheme in October, now might be just the time to make that big idea a reality.

Our Classic New Business package will deliver a logo, website, simple brand guidelines (including word, PowerPoint and Business Card templates) and setting up your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc).

All of this for just £5,000. Also included is plenty of advice on marketing, social media and ensure your website is set up to be found on Google.

Your business your way

The timing might not be of your own choosing as all our work patterns and “norms” have been affected by the pandemic. But if you are planning on launching that business you’ve been thinking about for years, now might be the right time to do it.

We’ve had a lot of enquiries from people who’ve realised the workplace may not be as predictable as they thought.

Whether you’re interested in replacing your existing job or want to develop a side hustle to supplement the day job we can help.

Classic new business package

Whatever your reasons for launching your business, we’ve put together 3 exciting new business packages so you can see how easy and cost effective it is to get creative, web and marketing support for your new business.

These packages are for new business start-ups and are designed to get a business up and running.

Our Classic package offers tremendous value and can get you set up with a logo, website, brand guidelines and social media for £5,000.

What every new business must have

To launch and operate your new business effectively, and to begin promoting and advertising your business on social media you need these elements as a minimum:

What every new business must have

To launch and operate your new business effectively, and to begin promoting and advertising your business on social media you need these elements as a minimum:


Often one of the most fun parts of starting your business is developing a new logo. It’s the first look at how your vision will become a reality. Colours and design are critical here to ensure your logo has ‘stand out’ in a crowded marketplace, uses engaging colours and is designed in such a way that it will be effective at any size.


This is probably your most critical element when you start. Websites tend to evolve over time so it’s worth developing a good website that can grow with you. Many companies will develop a website that suits your business now but will not adapt to expansion and adding more content as your business expands. All our websites are scalable so more content, pages, blogs and plug ins (such as the ability to take payments) can be seamlessly integrated. This is the one area where you don’t want to be taking any shortcuts.

Brand Guidelines

Your logo will need to be used in different ways so this document will outline to 3rd parties how they can use your logo. It will include different colour options so your logo will always stand out (no matter what the background). This is important as your logo may be featured on other promotions and websites. We will also develop templates for your business cards, a PPT template and word template so your letter head and documents are consistent.

Social Media

To help you start promoting your business we will set up your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and pages with full branding and suitable banner images. We will link your new website to each of these channels so customers can easily network with you.

This bundle will give you everything you need to get up and running. If you also need additional help with Search Engine Optimisation and content check out our other packages. Here’s a few more details about what is and isn’t included in the bundle:

The Classic Package

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website


 Logo Design: x3 logo options

 Website: Simple WordPress site up to 5 sections, up to 30 pages

 Brand Guidelines: Word, PPT, business card layout, simple Brand Guidelines

 Social Media: Set up of Instagram, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn with full branding

 Images: 4 FREE from our image bank per month


Web hosting: £300 p.a.

Extra Images: £2.50 per image when package used up

Image purchase: Any specialist image that is not available from our FREE image bank

Marketing: Manage social media, engage audiences, 3 postings per week on each channel