In the run up to the festive period with every brand bombarding us with their 'creative' Christmas campaigns, the messages of peace, love and good will can start to get a little repetitive. That's why when someone does a campaign that's a little different it makes a nice change... especially if its used to highlight a very serious cause.

That’s why today’s blog applauds Grey Canada’s who have used Facebook’s 360 image feature to create this new campaign for The Salvation Army. Check it out below:

The scene initially appears to show a happy family enclosed by a Christmas card frame, though when viewers navigate around the scene, signs of poverty are revealed. The tagline of ‘Poverty isn’t always easy to see. Especially during the holidays’ is revealed as you spin 180 degrees.

The campaign is accompanied by this tv advert which takes things further by showing a mother of two children staring at the mounting bills on the kitchen table before posing for a family Christmas card at the end:

As the theme of campaign’s this year aim to lighten the mood with John Lewis’s #BusterTheBoxer and Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot it’s nice to see a campaign that is not only innovative in it’s approach, creative in its messaging, but above all, gives an honest commentary to the realities of families living in poverty this Christmas.