With the US Presidential debates kicking off this week, the race for the White House is getting heated! So Sagmeister & Walsh has launched "Pins Won’t Save the World", a range of pin badges, t-shirts, stickers and patches that protest against Donald Trump and encourage people to vote for Hillary Clinton. Check them out below:

The range of pins, T-shirts, posters, stickers and temporary tattoos include designs by Sagmeister & Walsh, Hort, Olimpia Zagnoli, Brian Rea, Jean Jullien, Timothy Goodman, Ward Sutton, Will Bryant, Coucou Suzette, AdamJK, RoAndCo Studio and Jon Contino.

According to Jessica Walsh, the idea behind creating pin badges is to appeal to younger voters, as only 26% of millennials voted in the 2012 election, accounting for around 48m missed votes.

As a protest piece I think these pins are spot on! It reminds me of the Viz comics and the Spitting Image series of the 80s. In a world where a man like Donald Trump is even considered as a viable ‘Presidential Candidate’ anything like this is a welcome reminder of just how much of a joke this is!

As for the actual campaign, Sagmeister & Walsh states: ‘We know pins won’t save the world, but wearing them might make us feel better.’ And in reality, that’s the whole point. But if it helps swing a few votes Clinton’s way then we’re all for it!

You can view more of the work and purchase items at www.pinswontsavetheworld.com. Profits from the sales will be donated to Amnesty International’s #americaIbelievein charity.