As a slave to my smartphone which I use everyday for email, web browsing, gaming and even as a sat nav I ask myself "Could you do without that glowing screen for one whole day?"

Well that’s what Save the Children has challenged us to do with the launch of Phoneless Friday, an initiative to ditch smartphones for an entire day to raise money for the charity, and help save children’s lives around the world. The campaign was art directed by James Wright with photography by Jon Enoch. Check it out below:

According to the tongue-in-cheek campaign, this “isn’t about digital detox or wellbeing”, but a test of determination and willpower. The money raised will help transform children’s lives and could even enable Save the Children to give phones to families, so they can safely transfer money for them to buy food.

If you’re up to it, sign up here, pay £5 and lock up your phone for Phoneless Friday on 7 October.