It’s a rain drenched Monday morning. I've just got back from holiday and already I'm planning for my next one. Know the feeling? Well, here comes easyJet with a new TV ad to help encourage you. Themed around the notion of ‘Why not?’, their latest brand campaign encourages people to embrace all the possibilities that travel has to offer, because with prices still as low as £29.99, “Why not?”. Dinner in Barcelona? Why not? Trumpet festival in Budapest? Why not? Six hours in Amsterdam? Seriously, Why not?

The ad was created by creative agency VCCP and shot by critically acclaimed directors, CANADA. Check it out below:

When I first saw this I thought to myself ‘this is a bit weird and wacky for easyJet’… which is why I quite like it!

I must be in holiday mode still as this is a short blog for me… but as the campaign goes… Why not?