Copenhagen-based Kontrapunkt has worked with Carlsberg for 14 years (on the main brand and also on Tuborg, Holsten and Kronenbourg) and serves as its external brand guardian. They've recently released the new design for the packaging for Carlsberg. Check it out below:

The new can has been released initially in Germany but other markets may also adopt the new look down the line. The star of this new look is Carlsberg’s ‘hop leaf’. As well as appearing as part of the main mark, an enlarged version now also features on the reverse of the can and has also been die cut out of the can’s ring-pull.

The new design follows the minimalist example of other recent major brand packaging redesigns by stripping away all unnecessary decorations and finishes. A classic example of this is the redesign of Budweiser’s packaging back in January. Check this out below:

Designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie, the stripped-back logo now spans wide beyond the visible edges of their packaging including cans and bottles. The fact their brand has so much equity in the marketplace makes this work.

The Budweiser bottles and the Carlsberg cans have both been stripped back to a single colour without losing any of the detail that makes the brand stand out. The results on both of these examples are spectacular.

Time for closer inspection. I’m off for a beer!