Olapic is an Earned Content Platform which amplifies engagement and performance in every channel with curated, high-converting images and videos taken by real people. They Olapic works with hundreds of global brands including Calvin Klein, West Elm and Target. Back in June 2016, the week before Cannes Lions, the international festival of advertising and creativity, Olapic officially launched their new brand. The redesign was created by New York-based branding consultancy Red Antler. Check out the before and after below:

As rebrands go I’m a bit late to the party with this one as I’ve only recently become aware of Olapic. Their aim is to enable brands to visually communicate in a new way, using real customer images and videos in every touchpoint. In the age of the ‘visual web’ where people use social media as their news feeds and Instagram as their photo library, you can see how white backdrops, studio lighting, and simulated friend groups don’t get people’s attention anymore. With brands needing better content that relates to their audiences’ lives, the Olapic solution is a definite step in the right direction.

Olapic’s algorithm tracks 46 different signals to determine which photos drive the highest engagement and conversion rate, and it feeds the results back into its curation engine to make it smarter over time. And consumers seem to be more than willing to have their photos featured by brands according to Olapic founder Pau Sabria.

The logo itself uses a custom typeface that’s sophisticated, but with an edgy consumer feel. According to Rachel Meranus, Olapic’s Chief Marketing Officer, the brand is “purposely black and white so that we can let the earned content that we’re collecting and curating for our clients stand out,”. Looking at the way the new website uses these curated images I would say that decision was spot on. The new logo and visual language styling looks great on all touchpoints. The brand has been elevated to reflect their growing client base of blue chip companies and the new tone of voice is more professional and sophisticated in nature.

According to Olapic, in five years time, we will all wonder how we ever relied so heavily on stock photography to sell products. Judging by the results on their website (they influenced $350m of revenue for their clients last year) I’d say they’re definitely on to something there. Here’s hoping more brands sign up to ‘earn’ their success.