I'm going to start this blog off a little differently. I'll admit... I don't like gin! Ever since an unfortunate incident on a stag do in Prague involving double shots of Bombay Sapphire I can't stomach the stuff! However, I do admire the process of making gin.

A few years ago I went to the Plymouth Gin distillery for a tour (and a free sample which reminded me why I don’t like gin) and was fascinated by the many levels of distillation the gin berries go through to become the bottled product. I was also unaware of the variety of flavours of gin and the fact that the Plymouth Gin distillery is one of the oldest in England (making gin according to the original family recipe since 1793) and is widely believed to be the gin that led to the invention of the martini.

So from the oldest gin, we move swiftly on to the best selling gin brand in the world, Gordon’s. Design consultancy Design Bridge and Diageo have worked together on the new packaging design for Gordon’s gin, almost 15 years after previously redesigned the gin brand’s bottle. Check it out below:

The new bottle is slightly slimmer and taller than previously, while the label has been applied to the D-shaped curved side of the bottle instead of the flat side like before. The ‘Estd London 1969’ features more prominently thanks to the new heart shape. This was reintroduced after being inspired by a trip to the brand’s archives, which revealed an old advertising campaign with the tagline “the heart of a good cocktail”, along with heart-shaped labels from the 1920s bottles.

The Gordon’s wordmark has been redrawn by hand, and the brand’s original boar logo has been made more visible, moving from the bottom to the front of the bottle.

The new design has also been introduced to Gordon’s collection of flavoured gins including sloe, elderflower and cucumber, and Gordon’s Export gin. The newly designed packaging will roll out globally this month.

This is a welcome update to the classic Gordon’s bottle. It manages to feel modern and clean without losing the brand heritage and class. I especially like the treatment on the Slo and Elderflower bottles. So although I won’t be drinking this any time soon, I will certainly admire the new bottles from afar.