To coincide with the vodka-based drink’s 20th anniversary, WKD has rebranded featuring an entirely redrawn logo and showing a visual language thats a marked departure from their previous branding. Check it out below:

The new identity by JKR is centred around an exclamation point concept to represent the brand’s “sense of fun and excitement,” as it looks to become relevant for today’s 18 to 24 year-old market. The exclamation mark was chosen as a nod to the previous WKD branding’s rectangular device, which now appears elongated down the bottle above a circle. This new dot shape is used across the identity, acting as a holding divide for flavour information or as a flexible icon across other channels. The bottle caps in bright contrasting colours feature simple icons and designs such as smiley faces, winking faces and hearts that aims to “further emphasise the element of fun”.

JKR have chosen bold colours associated with the WKD brand for the secondary packaging for the bottles, and also as the cut through for the logo itself as part of the lettering on the brand mark for the Blue and Iron Brew bottles, while the designs for Berry and Passion Fruit feature oil-painting inspired brushstrokes.

Being old enough to remember WKD first appearing in the bars and clubs during my college days the brand to me always represented the ‘pound a bottle’ promo culture of the time. The new brand certainly seems more up-market and the shape of the bottle is a vast improvement. with the smaller neck as opposed to the long and thin version. The colours look sharp and will certainly jump off the shelf in the supermarket. Whether the alcopop culture can make a comeback in the mainstream bars and clubs remains to be seen.