Sagmeister & Walsh has completed a rebrand and new visual campaign for New York fashion label Milly. The team has applied its rich and vivid art direction to create a campaign that will be produced in print, digitally, and across social platforms. Check it out below:

The fashion label is known for transforming classic silhouettes by merging American sportswear influences with distinctive Parisian atelier techniques. This new campaign aims to shift the brand with an aim to be bold, edgy and colourful. Sagmeister & Walsh’s redesign represents Milly’s evolution in personality, injecting a bolt of energy with the use of bold conceptual photography, while still maintaining the brand’s original look.

We’re big fans of Sagmeister & Walsh (especially the Appy Fizz campaign that was run in India earlier in the year). Their work is known for being quite bold and irreverent. What I like about this campaign is that takes the existing brand and is playful with it (the logo grows flowers, freezes over in ice and is even painted on a woman’s body). It goes to show for a brand to stay relevant, it needs to move with the times and Milly has (literally) embraced this in its campaign. It will be interesting to see the campaign evolve as it’s rolled out throughout the next year.