Wild Hikes is the brain child of Pete Hyde, a hiking company operating both within the UK and around the globe. Despite the global scale of the business, Pete made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to differentiate his brand by adding the personal touch that the companies that share the market are often lacking. With this in mind, we began work on creating the brand that would become Wild Hikes.

After settling on the name, we began research into the market competition and the concepts behind the brand. This allowed us to gain a better understanding of what existing tropes and clichés we wanted to avoid, as well as determining how we can stand out with our new visual language.

We provided many potential avenues for where we could take the brand and, after going over our concepts with Pete, we were able to get a stronger feel for his idea of how he wanted to be portrayed. We were then able to use this moving through our development stages, where we eventually ended up with a clear, minimalistic icon logo with a bold, blue colour scheme.

New Brand and Website for Local Hiking Expedition Company Wild Hikes


We wanted the design to be clean and bold, allowing almost all of the focus to be on the trips offered by Pete and the imagery of previous trips he provided. This helped to show the range of destinations available and the personal approach that Pete really wanted to shine through.

Along with the concept of Wild Hikes, the design evolved over time from the beginning to the end as Pete gained a stronger image of how he wanted his brand to be represented. However, the final form was very similar to the initial designs. The site was made easily editable so that adding or removing future trips was simple for Wild Hikes to do internally, making it much more cost effective to keep the website up to date.

Since the website went live, we have been working towards increasing the online presence of Wild Hikes through social media outreach and search engine optimisation. We hope to see the company grow in ways that it couldn’t have without our help.

We have also designed unique business cards for Wild Hikes. Made to resemble postcards, they feature various images from Wild Hikes’ own trips on the back, and contact information on the front. There’s even space to add a personalised note, just as you would on a postcard. This was inspired by Pete telling us how often he met people while travelling and wanted to leave them with something that made him stand out, which would make him memorable when they are planning their future travels.

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