Luxon Pay offers a straightforward way to send, receive and exchange funds via their app or online. You can open an account in minutes and start using it right away. What makes Luxon unique is that they have no sign-up fees or subscriptions, and transfers are completely free. This forms part of their commitment to being totally transparent about how they operate and safeguard their customers’ data. They are also fully regulated by the FCA.

We were approached by Luxon with a unique challenge to refresh their existing user interface for the app. They were looking for something clean and easy to navigate. The challenge we had was as this was that, as it was an FCA regulated app, we had to adhere to strict guidelines, which meant using a minimal colour palette with a minimum AA-compliancy.

The App

Once we got stuck in to the screen designs and analysed the user flows, we realised that the app required a complete top-to-toe redesign to make the overall user experience easier for customers. It also needed simplifying from an accessibility standpoint, which meant avoiding the standard red-and-green traffic light posting for ‘success’ and ‘fail’ or ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ figures, as this would not work well for colourblind users. We also limited the text sizes to a maximum of three sizes in different weights to differentiate headers, currency figures and transactions, CTAs or navigational items.

After consultation with a London-based specialist UX firm, we decided to keep as many components from the OS UI kit as possible. This would improve ease of recognition and reduce build times, as we were working to a tight deadline for launch at an event in the Bahamas. This also involved using San Fransisco as the main font, as this is the native iOS font. This means that it could easily be switched out for the Android default once the app was ported to Google Play following its release on the Apple App Store.

The resulting interface was a clear and crisp design with every conceivable detail fine-tuned, from CTA buttons that stuck to the OS keyboard and number pad, through to crafting each individual icon to optimise it for device size.

The next task was to port the design to the desktop web interface.

Desktop Interface

Although this was being built using an entirely different framework, the general user experience needed to remain as consistent with the app as possible. The desktop dashboard interface needed a different layout to allow for more a more detailed transaction list. We also wanted to be able to return to this dashboard with one click from a deposit or withdrawal screen, as is possible within the app. Our solution involved using sidebars that slide into the page whenever a transaction request was made. This allows users to simply click anywhere outside of the transaction window to immediately return to the dashboard. We were also able to streamline the sign-up process by including as much of the account information on one page as possible and removing iOS-specific elements such as the touch/face ID, replacing this with alternative two-factor authentication by SMS or email.

Marketing Campaigns

We then worked closely with Luxon’s in-house marketing team on a wide range of campaigns and promotions including social campaigns for their PartyPoker tournament sponsorship and product demo animations demonstrating the apps ease-of-use.

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