Established in 1901, the Camping and Caravanning Club is the world's oldest and largest club for all forms of camping. Their aim is to help people to enjoy the simple pleasures that camping can bring, and they are proud to have over 700,000 members who agree!

The Camping and Caravanning Club were looking for a fresh approach for their upcoming shows. They required an exhibition stand that brought to life everything that the club stands for. The memories that club members make when on holiday needed to be brought to life. The happiness they feel when they spend quality time together needed to be represented and the helpful, friendly, expert support they receive from the club needed to shine through. The brief was to convey this in a fun, interactive way on the stand using the latest technology and imaginative formats.

We wanted the stand to be a place where people wanted to spend time, whether that was to have fun, ask experts for advice, find out about a destination or to join the club. It also needed to cater for all audiences, existing members, campers and non-campers. 

To achieve this, we incorporated interactive content into the design of the stand, including a theatre, a play area with a sand pit and mini caravan, and a cooking demo area. We also took this a step further with the introduction of a cycle-powered Scalextric model, which was a huge hit on the stand. As this was to be used at three separate venues, the design needed to be configurable for varying floor space without compromising the impact or feel of the stand.

Alongside an exhibition stand, they required an interactive camper quiz that would be run from a touchscreen display on the stand. As the turnaround time was extremely tight, we got to work immediately to design a clean and contemporary user interface for the quiz, complemented by photography provided by the client.

The major challenge that we faced was building the quiz so it could be run on-site without an always-on internet connection. To solve this, we built the interface using the power of Google Chrome’s caching system, so we only needed to load the quiz once using the internet. Thereafter, it could be run locally without an internet connection. The results were amazing—not only that we were able to deliver a complex digital solution in less than a week!