Protecting the environment and fighting climate change is more important than it’s ever been, and DWH are proud to support Offset Earth by becoming a Climate Positive Workforce.

Trying to minimise our impact on the environment is important to us here at DWH, and we were delighted when we learned about Offset Earth’s Climate Positive Workforce project.

By donating just a few pounds per employee per month, we are able to reduce net carbon emissions and provide essential support to fight climate change around the world.

What does Offset Earth do?

Offset Earth helps individuals and companies to offset their carbon footprint while also supporting global environmental causes.

For businesses, they calculate the carbon footprint of the entire lives of a company’s employees, add the carbon emissions created by business travel, and offset this by funding leading climate change solutions.

DWH is currently one of almost 500 businesses that is making an impact by becoming a Climate Positive Workforce.

If you’d like to join us or find out more about this amazing project, visit Offset Earth’s business page. To sign up as an individual or family—including pets!—select your plan here.

Explore DWH’s forest

Take a look at DWH’s Offset Earth profile to see our stats and explore our forest. You can see what trees have been planted, where, and what projects they have supported.

At the time of writing, we’ve been a Climate Positive Workforce for 4 months with 309 trees in our forest. This means that we’ve offset 14 tonnes of CO2e!

All of our trees are mangroves that have been planted as part of Offset Earth’s Reforest Madagascar project. While the island has over 200,000 species of plants and animals that don’t exist anywhere else in the world, more than 90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed, endangering the local wildlife.

Our funds support non-profit Eden Reforestation Projects as they continue to return trees to Madagascar. Eden are world leaders in responsible reforestation, having already planted 265 million trees and created 2.6 million work days for local communities.

Why is reforestation important?

Reforestation is one of the most beneficial ways to combat climate change and help the environment. Not only does it provide essential habitats for native wildlife, it also contributes to carbon absorption and allows the local people to farm and live on the land.

Mangrove trees capture up to four times as much carbon per acre than tropical rainforests, and their root systems provide nurseries and shelter for tropical fish, making them a perfect choice for reforestation. They are also indigenous to Madagascar, meaning that the natural habitat is being restored.

Offset Earth has its own designated land to the north-west of Madagascar, near Marataola. They will plant their first two million mangroves here, before moving along the coast as contributions grow.

Check out some of the other amazing projects that are supported by Offset Earth, such as converting waste rice husks into power and developing wind farms.