Sharing and collaboration

As open-source software continues to grow and become more readily available, collaboration between creators and sharing resources with the community is getting easier every day. Many designers are creating shareable web templates that allow smaller or less skilled developers to offer their users an attractive, easy-to-use and accessible web experience.

Webflow offers a place to share cloneable and customisable website templates that anyone can use, created by the web community for the web community. Similarly, sites like Noun Project allow creators to share and use icons, photographs and illustrations to improve the accessibility of the resources that make websites look great.

This type of resource sharing helps to further the education and development of web designers, resulting in a better, more immersive web for everyone. It’s also a great way for coders and creatives to spread their work and build a reputation.

Web design and development trends for 2023

Fun for the sake of it

Let’s be honest. Shit’s a bit depressing at the moment and it’s nice to just have a little bit of fun sometimes. In 2023, website aficionados are helping to soothe the sting of existing in the modern world with digital interactions that turn simple browsing into a more enjoyable experience.

One example of this is creative reference collection Fuse’s completely superfluous webpage titled Ball Pit, featuring nothing but a bunch of balls and 3D icons that you can interact with. From simply tossing them one at a time to thrashing up a frankly migraine-inducing flurry of bright green balls, there’s absolutely no purpose to this page other than adding a little bit of simple joy to your day.

Another bit of fun comes from healthy living advocates Squadeasy, whose website features a part-adorable part-creepy floating dog head that interacts with your cursor. Move it around and his eyes will follow, but if you get too close, he’ll eat it. He also spins as you scroll up and down the page, and you can make him dizzy if you do it too fast. Which is reasonable payback for having your cursor eaten, I think.

Web design and development trends for 2023

Gated content

Content is still, and always will be, king. Brands have begun to appreciate the value of content more, both in terms of attracting an audience and differentiating themselves from their competitors. While this ties in to digital marketing, the structure and functionality of password-protected portals is very much in the design and development wheelhouse.

Hiding your best content away from prying public eyes is a great way to demonstrate your value. After all, nobody gives away something truly great for free. It’s also a pretty low-stakes way to diversify your income stream and boost your profits with a handy backup plan – which is a huge benefit for brands struggling with the cozzie livs and all that.

Remember that premium content should be just that. Whatever you place behind your paywall needs to be genuinely worth the investment or you risk ruining your reputation. Gated content doesn’t even have to be paid to make a difference; you can still benefit from customer loyalty and an uptick in sales by producing free, members-only content. This gives your audience something valuable in return for a juicy email address that you can fill with exclusive deals and discounts.

Web design and development trends for 2023

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